Permanent Exposition 2012

In 2001 Slovak National Gallery has decided to present to public the space of “Upperbridge“ which is the typical example of white cube space. Based on alarming situation of the “Upperbridge” the art works were removed but the installation continues.
This installation has been in operation with no larger changes from 2001 up today. Top management of Gallery wanted to change this exhibition many times, but it had not found any understanding of competent.

SNG tries always either to reconstruct “Upperbridge” or to remove this progressive installation. But up to now top management of the Gallery did not find understanding at the Slovak Ministry of Culture which – it seems – prefers other media (e. m. theatre, literature, film) and in this way the fine art finds itself at the tail of art society needs. As the director of this institution said during the multi-genre evening on May 3, 2012, at Upperbridge, she saw that the reconstruction could have been done by 2016.

„Permanent exposition“ offers the visitors to see at their own eyes that Slovakia has strong creative potential and skilful scholars of fine arts those are limited in a certain way.

Installation gives the topic to the arts which authors especially are the artists S. Filko, M. Laky and J. Zavarsky (White space at white space, 1973); and L. Stacho and D. Straus (Purification, 1992).

C – print 60 cm x 90 cm,

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