Invisible Fields, 2023

For this project, an informal association of artists working with a similar image code has created a concept of a composition of photographs, which in different manuscripts and ways of shooting reflect the increasingly topical theme of uncertainty, fear of what is to come and the longing for at least provisional (fixed) points of our existence.

The world is not always fully comprehensible, and some things may be beyond the scope of our knowledge. In the context of life or decision-making, it can mean encountering a place lying between the known and the unknown, certainty and uncertainty, and the associated tension. The phrase “Edge of uncertainty” tries to outline the area where epistemological certainty reaches its limits and where space opens up for the ontological question of uncertainty. It points to the existence of limits to our cognitive abilities, which prevent us from achieving certainty in various things. There are areas where we are confronted with the unknown and the results are difficult to predict.

The collective exhibition of the authors aims to inspire thinking about how we deal with uncertainty (not only from a philosophical point of view) and how this uncertainty affects our understanding of reality and our position in it.

An informal association of artists from Slovakia Jana Ilková – Dominika Jackuliaková – Eduard Kudláč – Lenka Lukačovičová, working with a similar image code, yet with different handwritings, created for this project a composition of photographs that reflect the increasingly topical theme of uncertainty, fear of the future, and the desire for (at least provisional) stable points of our existence.

Curator Eduard Kudláč.

Belgium, from 2023 – ongoing