Grey book, 2016

The exhibition consists of two main parts which are created not only by photographs, but also by the visitors and the premise of the Synagogue. The most noticeable part is the monumental installation of photographs on glass (from digital archives) spread on the ground which capture portraits of female political prisoners in 1950s – 1970s. Right there the visitor of the exhibition becomes a participant who is asked to walk on the glass with the photographs. This also results in destruction which changes the character of the whole installation. It is a so-called work in progress, which means a work that changes during the duration of the exhibition and is “finalized” by the last visitor.

The photographer Lenka Lukačovičová presents her long-term project named Grey Book in the Synagogue – Center of Contemporary Art, in which she develops two main mutually blending factors: on one hand, it is the topic of female political prisoners in the era of Socialism in Czechoslovakia, on the other, it is a play with the medium of photography and exploration of its borders.

(Simona Bérešová)


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