HYPE&HYPER about my project lonely Planet Trnávka

Photon, Different Worlds 2021, 3.prize, exhibition coming soon  

EQO exhibition
About my exhibition in TIC Galerie in English language online magazine focusing on developments in Central European art, culture and politics – BLOK Magazine
TIC Galerie, Galerie mladých, exhibition
11 07 — 11 08 2018
Galéria MEDIUM, exhibition till 11. 3. 2018
EJMAP – European Journal Of Media, Art & Photography NOW ONLINE:
selected for an exhibition at Galeria Medium
selected for an double exhibition with Diana Cencer Garafová at FAVU Galerie
selected for solo exhibition -> TIC Galerie Brno, Czech Republic


An solo exhibition in Leipzig!
“Situations which were if they occurred as yesterday”,

Vernissage: 23.11.2017 – 19:00

Curator: Marcel Noack

Location: Kunstraum Ping Pong, Helmholtzstraße 1, 04177 Leipzig

Salon SIMILDE, Leipzig 2. 11. 2017 , pop up show “Salon Similde Therapeutics”, with Artists  Ali Glover, Hwi Hahm, Morgan Buck, Romain Tallet, Zishi Han

Katalogue of Festival DOM 2017 now ONLINE

selected for PILOTENKUECHE ROUND 33.
FOTONOVINY, nr. 39 page 6

Vyvolávání duchů / Fotografický proces jako umění duchů, konflikt přízraků
Fotografický workshopMuzejí noc GALERIA TIC, BRNO