Together, not together…2011/2012

Changes become during life of every person and his/her family. The view on life, personal feelings and mutual relations are changed. One principal change was made in our family, too. This change implied physical eloignment from our domicile around 1200 km to the West and around 600 km to the South. I have stayed somewhere in the midline.  Notwithstanding the first glance seemed that the family is divided, I can say it is divided physically, only. Thanks to conveniences of modern technologies, internet and today´s world, our family has the opportunity to see and meet itself everyday and talk as to be sitting at the same table and eating dinner. Even sometimes we drink coffee together, in spite we are far away…
Even though of our physical eloignment our relations are not changed, but are proven. We do not have time at looking the solutions of bizarre affairs because we all luxuriate the substance of our common being at full, let is is in any form.

Taking photos of every parent individually directed me to creating the set of photos on my parents who had to establish their minded domicile abroad for a time limited (B-B = A-B, e. m. Belgrade-Brussels = Anton-Bohuslava). Therefore they accepted this form of co-existency. Having in mind the time limited we all three live very intensively and in full we taste every moment when we are physically together.

Et sic my photographs present being of two persons at three places in Europe… Of course, they are TOGETHER, NOT  TOGETHER…

40 cm x 50 cm inkjet in frame

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